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Lyra’s Meme: People-First Language

In case you missed it on the Whoopsie Piggle Facebook wall, here is the meme created with the help of my friends, photographer Shane Wynn and text-adding queen Tiffany Stafford. Since October 1, just five days ago, it has been seen by more than 70,000 people and shared countless times.

We created this meme as part of our contribution to Down Syndrome Awareness Month in the United States, which is every October. But all year we encourage everyone to use “people-first” language. Lyra has Down syndrome, she is not Down syndrome. What seems a minor shift in speech has enormous impact on how people with disabilities are viewed and treated.



2 thoughts on “Lyra’s Meme: People-First Language

  1. I don’t want to see your potato on my news feed. Its not special its an abortion so shove your wordplay up your ass, its not like they know. I feel for a child thats lost an ability to walk or talk, not a potato.

    Also you try to make youself feel better with, not the r word. Not say sorry. I know these kids, they are not all sweet and kind. Violent and nasty potatos.

    1. Dear Annoyed:

      Thank you for your comment, which you may have noticed I have not deleted. I can describe the existence of extreme discrimination against people with Down syndrome but nothing is more effective than a first-hand example.

      Your message depicts the banality of hatred and how your lack of a quality education and upbring not only left you disparaging of difference, it also left you unable to write coherent sentences in English, which I assume is your native language.

      Furthermore, you reveal that extreme positions such as yours are no longer acceptable and that you yourself know this as you hide your true identity. Clearly you lack the courage of your convictions.

      You poor person.

      Holly Christensen

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