Addendum to Voting Like I Parent

Many of you have asked if I’ve talked to my neighbors who are, to my surprise, voting for Romney-Ryan. Briefly, yes. And then I followed up with an email asking them to read the New Yorker’s endorsement of Obama (The New Yorker’s Endorsement of Barack Obama : The New Yorker). Because it’s a magazine, and not a newspaper, the New Yorker can and does go into greater depth and detail about why Obama should be re-elected and why Romney does not deserve the presidency.

Also, the Newsweek piece by Andrew Sullivan that I cited can be found here: Andrew Sullivan on the Promise of Obama’s Second Term – Newsweek and The Daily Beast.

Finally, I forgot to add that in addition to keeping good (great) grades, Hugo obtained a job at a dog groomers just before school began. He never has a day where he has not a single obligation, be it choir, band, or work. And he seems the better for it. He has so far paid $400 of the $750 he needs to go to NYC in March with the choir. He has also had to learn to navigate with his boss a performance schedule that at times conflicts with his work schedule. We parents do our children a great favor when we neglect to save them. They are better off saving themselves. Or, as I tell them, I will always push you, but I’ve got your backs.


One thought on “Addendum to Voting Like I Parent

  1. I love “I will always push you, but I’ve got your back”! I took a similar approach to parenting and I believe it paid off. My son Luke is an Akron Firefighter and Paramedic with admirable ethics. Hard worker and stellar family man. I’m so proud of him. My parents did me no favors by, as my siblings called it, “bailing me out” time after time. They only postponed valuable lessons I needed to learn and sent negative messages they didn’t intend to send regarding my abilities to work through difficulties. Love your blog Holly, Nancy

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